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Forum tells mobile company, use centre to compensate Rs 29000 to complainant

Forum tells mobile company, service centre to pay Rs 29000 to complainantReviewed by Admin on Apr 16Rating:

The District Consumer Disputes Redressal Forum has asked a emporium owners and a mobile association to compensate Rs 20,500 i.e. a cost of a product to a complainant.

The forum has also asked them to compensate Rs 3,000 as remuneration for ‘mental agony’ and ‘physical harassment’ to a complainant along with Rs 5,500 as costs of litigation.


The complainant, Vasudev Gupta, a proprietor of Sector 39, settled in his censure that on Jun 25, 2015, he purchased a mobile handset of HTC Desire 820S with IMEI 356059062236688 from National Watch Company in Sector 22. The watch had a guaranty of one year.

Gupta also purchased an word cover for detriment conflicting burglary or other kind of indemnification for Rs 1,299 to Syska Gadget Secure in Pune. After a integrate of months, a mobile handset used to tighten down in between calls. The internet also stopped working, and a phone became totally passed on Nov 15, 2015.

Gupta approached a certified use core i.e. Shivam Communications in Sector 11 in Panchkula on Nov 16, 2015, with a pursuit sheet. There a attendant kept a same and asked him to collect it after a integrate of days.

Thereafter, Gupta visited Shivam Communications a series of times, though a attendants put off a matter on one stratagem or a other. He eventually wrote an email to HTC India Pvt. Ltd., Gurgaon, in this regard.

The complainant pronounced that he was repelled to see that he was given a check of Rs 15,934 and offering a bonus of 20 per cent on a correct of a handset with an e-mail. When he sensitive that a handset was underneath warranty, association officials pronounced a handset was passed due to ‘liquid ingress’.

According to a complainant, there was no glass accession in a mobile handset when he handed it over for repair. Subsequently, he sensitive Syska Gadget Secure about a problem. It has been purported that a association had sole a poor handset to him.

Alleging that a aforesaid acts volume to scarcity in use and astray trade practice, a complainant approached a consumer redressal forum. The conflicting parties did not seem before a forum notwithstanding notices by purebred post that led to ex-parte record conflicting them.

The forum held, “The mobile phone in doubt became passed within 5 months of a purchase. The complainant has placed on record a duplicate of a pursuit piece antiquated Nov 16, 2015 with that he handed over a phone in doubt to a certified use core i.e. Shivam Communications with a censure ‘auto energy off or destroy to arise up, arrangement not uncover and phone is dead’.”

“A tighten inspection of a pursuit piece reveals that no remarks of glass damage, as purported in a e-mail by HTC Company has been done by a use operative of Shivam Communications. Had there been any glass repairs to a mobile phone in question, afterwards a remarks per a same contingency have been done by a use engineer. Hence, it appears that a mobile phone in doubt competence have been pang from some vital problem that is not repairable and as such a mobile association has concocted a fake and whimsical story per a glass repairs to equivocate a guilt underneath warranty,” a forum serve observed.

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