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Xiaomi teases Mi Max

Xiaomi teases Mi MaxReviewed by Admin on Apr 22Rating:

Yesterday, we reported on a describe of a arriving Xiaomi Mi Max phablet, after divulgence that a phone indeed exists a few days before to that. Xiaomi currently expelled a teaser picture of a phone divulgence only a tiny apportionment of it.

The indicate of a picture is to uncover that a phone can fit absolutely into jeans pocket, though deliberation a rumors of a 6.4-inch display, we find that rather tough to believe.

Other things value observant is a blank Mi trademark adult front, something that has been around on Xiaomi phones given a beginning, and a new Baymax-style pattern of a sensors/earpiece/camera arrangement. The phone does not have a skinny bezels on a side, that leads us to trust this competence not indispensably be a high-end device, and some-more of a mid-range offering.

Xiaomi says a Mi Max is a code new product line, apart from the existent Mi and Redmi series.

We will continue to keep we updated as some-more information surfaces.


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