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Mobile apps assistance make business easier for SME owners

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Wellington tiny business owners Prak Sritharan says Xero, Vend and Shopify mobile apps are his tip choice for regulating his business.

Good mobile apps are a dime a dozen these days though there are a few standouts for tiny business owners. 

Prak Sritharan​ owns Wellington lifestyle homeware store Precinct 35 and says Xero, Vend and online store builder Shopify are his tip go-to apps.

He manages both a bricks and trebuchet store as good as an online emporium and says Vend and Shopify assistance him do things like guard batch levels though carrying to privately be in the store.

Mobile apps assistance tiny businesses owners save time and urge accuracy.

“Having those apps creates it a lot easier to conduct a dual [shops] together. we can make certain things are removing processed correctly, I’ll get notifications on invoices I’m getting.”

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Apps that are user-friendly are as critical as a functions they provide, Sritharan says.

He suggests business owners check out online forums for suggestions of good apps or only try things out and see what works best.

Serious Popcorn owner Roger Holmes says register program Unleashed is one of a categorical apps he uses to conduct batch levels.

He uses Xero to conduct his cashflow and Google Drive so he can entrance information anytime and anywhere he needs it.

“With organics, there’s a lot of correspondence and certificates and food supply information we need, so it’s good to have all that on hand,” Holmes says.

The useability of an app is essential for Holmes, as are simplicity and function.

He says while regulating an app will never be a same as regulating a laptop, they cover all a categorical bases if owners are divided from a business.

Spark tiny business spokeswoman Sally Gordon says a categorical advantages of apps for tiny business owners is saving time and improving accuracy.

They speed adult unwieldy processes. For example, a tradie mostly has to fill out selection forms, get quotes and afterwards accept them manually.

With an app those processes are simplified, digital and reduction of a hassle.

The cost to use apps is small, compared to a time they will save business owners, utterly if they spend weekends throwing adult on administration.

Gordon says there is a clever uptake of apps from tiny business owners though she would like to see more.

The categorical plea is implementing a app and training staff how to use it, that takes time that business owners mostly do not have.

“Small businesses are so busy. They’re personification lots of opposite roles during once, though utterly quickly the advantages [of apps] can be seen for a business,” Gordon says.

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