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Huawei and Leica speak about a Mate 9’s camera

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The Huawei Mate 9 and Mate 9 Porsche Design were announced yesterday – we can’t have missed it. Products of a continued partnership between Huawei and world-renowned optics specialists Leica in building a camera subsystem, started with a Huawei P9, a new inclination come with a span of cameras – a 20MP monochrome sensor and a 12MP RGB sensor, any corresponding to an f/2.2 orifice lens.

After a keynote we had a sit-down with Huawei representatives, a horde of Leica engineers and a few of a tech author colleagues. We attempted to find out some-more about what’s going on underneath a hood of a Mate 9 and behind a scenes with a partnership between a twin companies. Certainly, no tangible secrets were revealed, we didn’t unequivocally design that, yet a folks did strew some light on how a cameras on a Mates work.

One of a pivotal points is a ‘Leica look’ of a images a Mates produce. Not a quantifiable metric, a Leica demeanour is a product of a hundred years of detailed knowledge on a German company’s partial and is mostly a biased interpretation formed on their possess ambience for pictures. To put this in reduction obscure terms, oversharpening and oversaturation have been consciously avoided. Noise, on a other hand, they did try to reduce, yet not mislay it totally – instead, leave a healthy pleasing noise, suggestive of film photography.

As for detail, we privately asked possibly we should be pixel-peeping into a 20MP tone images a phone can produce, or hang to 12MP a tone sensor can constraint natively. They didn’t have a transparent answer for that, yet theoretically resplendence is where many of excellent fact is contained (and that’s fundamentally what we’re removing from a 20MP monochrome camera), so there’s no reason because a Mate 9 shouldn’t be means to outlay serviceable 20MP tone images. We’ll positively be looking into that during a examination process.

The Leica demeanour examination lifted some hardware questions and no, a partnership does not extend to a display. While it was in no approach hinted that a arrangement is inaccurate, a Leica demeanour competence be best celebrated on a calibrated shade – during slightest that’s what we deduced.

Additionally, a twin camera setup is a tack of pronounced demeanour for a series of reasons. The twin cameras are compulsory for achieving a abyss effects in mural mode, delivering improved low-light performance, and also for sharpened genuine black and white photos, rather obviously.

The some-more doubtful among us were discerning to indicate out that an f/2.2 orifice is no longer anything spectacular. To that a Leica engineers replied that a integrate of f/2.2 cameras means twice a light, or effectively an f/1.6 orifice on a singular camera. There’s some-more to it than a math of dividing 2.2 by a block base of 2, though.

Now, we know from a P9 that a images from a tone and a monochrome camera are fused together to furnish improved peculiarity finish results. Color information comes from a RGB sensor and is serve extended with resplendence information from a black and white sensor.

Apparently, though, a Mate 9 also combines several exposures from any camera as well. The sum are sketchy, yet let’s contend that a Google Pixel’s picture stacking isn’t wholly unfamiliar to a Mate 9 either. Not given as most broadside as a Pixel’s HDR+ Auto mode, a functionality works in a identical way, constantly examining a sensor output. Leica engineers refused to mention a series of built frames, instead observant a whole routine is contingent on palm shake.

There were a common questions as to what indeed is Leica’s partial in a collaboration, and one of Leica’s possess summed it adult easily – ‘whenever a photon enters this phone, afterwards that’s where we start collaborating’. On a some-more critical note – Leica does not make a lenses, nor have they exclusively designed them – it was a behind and onward routine between a twin companies’ engineering teams.

More or reduction that’s a takeaway from this meeting. We’ll be certain to exam how all of this translates into use over a subsequent days – a Huawei Mate 9 examination is good underway now.

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