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This Location-Based Mobile App Aims to Fix a Broken Process for Live Entertainment Search

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Anyone who’s ever searched for internal concerts, sports matches or comedy shows online has substantially gifted some of a problems that make it formidable to find live party by a Internet.

For starters, events tend to be listed opposite a accumulation of websites for ticketing companies, venues and entertainers, requiring we to hunt many opposite sites to find scold information about one event. Getting certified tickets can be usually as hard, as hunt engines will mostly indicate we toward used scalping sites that compensate to be placed rarely in a rankings.

As a former worker of vital sheet providers like Live Nation and Tickets.com, David Sher is unequivocally informed with a industry’s pervasive online hunt issues. He founded Fan Central Station with a wish of elucidate them.

“There is no mobile app on a marketplace that aggregates usually primary points of purchase, that advantage both fans and live party stakeholders,” Sher said. “We consider fans merit a approach to find a certified [tickets] they wish to buy, during a right price, though carrying to hunt mixed sites.”

Using information supposing by sheet companies, a Fan Central Station app lists all shows, games and performances function nearby a user, behaving as a extensive hunt engine that will never approach we to a ticket scalping website. The app even displays events by a map interface (think “Google Maps for live entertainment”) so users can crop events formed on stretch from their stream location.

By providing a singular height on that users can always find a certified indicate of purchase, the app advantages fans as good as entertainers, who humour financially from scalpers and undersold events. Watch Sher’s representation for Fan Central Station to learn more:

Not Just Another Online Ticketing App

At initial glance, people unknown with a live party attention competence consider Fan Central Station is perplexing to mangle into online eventuality ticketing. The space is mostly tranquil by a multi-billion dollar companies Live Nation and Ticketmaster (which joined as Live Nation Entertainment in 2010), so this could positively come opposite as an foolish idea.

But Fan Central Station indeed works in tandem with sheet sales companies rather than in competition. Fan Central Station partners with sheet providers to stock a app with events, and any inventory leads users to a suitable indicate of sale designated by a certified vendor. The app inventory helps expostulate business to sheet vendors, and Fan Central Station collects a tiny transaction price on any sale.

The app connects users to some-more than usually sheet purchasing information, though. It also leads them to certified websites for merchandise, streaming audio and video, whenever applicable. Fan Central Station positions itself between fans and party calm producers, providing usually certified sources so users know their income is going to a teams, entertainers and organizations they love.

“We consider that when a fan spends a dollar, they wish many of that dollar to go to a [person] who’s interesting them,” Sher said.

The Future of Live Entertainment Search

Fan Central Station’s prophesy has gained some earnest traction given Sher founded a association in late 2015. The app launched final Apr with a tiny volume of seed appropriation from several angel investors and has been usually flourishing a user bottom ever since.

One accountability of a app is that it can usually list events whose tickets are sole by a partner company. That means an eventuality or venue that uses Live Nation to sell tickets, for example, will not uncover adult on a Fan Central Station app, tying a sum series of eventuality options for users. The app is also usually accessible for iOS inclination during this time, withdrawal Android users out in a cold.

However, Fan Central Station has already sealed Ticketmaster, Tickets.com, TicketFly, TicketWeb and several other companies onto a platform, and skeleton for an Android-compatible app are in a works. Growing their user bottom will tempt some-more sheet companies to partner with them, that should assistance attract even some-more users, formulating a just cycle for a app.

Fan Central Station is still a immature association with most work forward of it, though with additional exposure, a singular and jointly profitable resolution could go a prolonged approach toward regulating what’s damaged with online hunt for live entertainment.

“We consider we’ve combined a apparatus that separates us,” Sher said. “It’s going to be a challenge, though we consider we have a summary that’s unequivocally resonating.”

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